Very wide load

Very Wide Load - Endless Slab Cartoon by Harry Martin

In Wyoming, and other locations I’m sure, you might see something like this cruising down the road. We have very wide loads heading in and out of town. Sometimes you see a house, wind generator, or maybe even an oil rig. You never know what you’ll see on any given day.


Hang check

Hang check

Hang glider pilots routinely check their gear for damage, fit, and comfort. One way to do this is to hang your harness in a location were you can test it well before you actually use it. I once tested my harness for over an hour, looking for uncomfortable pressure points. Apartment managers don’t like it when you bore holes into walls and ceilings.


Various Motorcycle Tool Kits

Various Motorcycle Tool kits - Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoons by Harry Martin

Trying out this new format as a result of my recent web page disaster. My last setup was multi-site, however, I have found it to be too much work. I think I’d like to try something different. Due to my sporadic schedule, and infrequent posts, this may be easier for me. We’ll see. I’m posting my latest Road Rash Motorcycle cartoon. I’ll post it again here to pick up where I left off, err, broke my website.

As you can see, Kawasaki Concours riders are considered to be quite frugal and thrifty motorcycle owners. Everyone else has a fat wallet.