Stopping for coffee

Still waiting for the snow to melt and for the air to warm up a tad so I can go riding on my Kawasaki Concours C14 motorcycle. Spring seems to linger and teasing us as the weather leans towards 60 degrees. About 40 degrees is my limit for riding for more than 30 minutes. Even with heated grips and a heated vest, the cold air has a way to sneak in and rob precious body heat. Anyway, reviewing my motorcycle cartoon collection, I dug this one up and colorized it for my future motorcycle cartoon book.



Wish I had a Bike

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoon

It’s tough selecting a motorcycle. One scoot does not do it all. You can have a great street bike but it makes a poor cruiser, trail bike, sport bike, or what ever. Over time, I have wished, no -lusted, to have a garage full of all sorts of motorcycles. For anyone who doesn’t have a motorcycle, they wish for any type of motorcycle.


Body parts

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoon by Harry Martin

I’ve had editors decline to publish this cartoon. Some folks are just uncomfortable facing reality. We don’t mind the wrecked motorcycle, but we seem to mind the humor relating to wrecked riders. I’m sure we’ve all heard or joked about “donor-cycle”. The reality is dead people can help living people live longer. Eyes and kidneys can greatly enhance a young person’s life. I have marked on my drivers license that I am a donor. It doesn’t cost anything and it just might lighten your day.

April is National Donate Life Month

Please visit Donate Life and register, or register at your local DMV.