Stopping for coffee

Still waiting for the snow to melt and for the air to warm up a tad so I can go riding on my Kawasaki Concours C14 motorcycle. Spring seems to linger and teasing us as the weather leans towards 60 degrees. About 40 degrees is my limit for riding for more than 30 minutes. Even with heated grips and a heated vest, the cold air has a way to sneak in and rob precious body heat. Anyway, reviewing my motorcycle cartoon collection, I dug this one up and colorized it for my future motorcycle cartoon book.



Experiments with drones

If you are a hang glider pilot, then you probably know how difficult it can be to coordinate with a driver to transport your equipment to launch. With drones making so much news lately, I created this cartoon to show just how creative hang glider pilots can get. This may seem silly, but believe me, folks are working on drones as a form of transportation.

Cartoon image of hang glider pilot transporting himself and equipment using a battery powered drone

Experiments with drones

Croak and Cluck

Where eagles dare. Number 3 in my collection. Where I live, I see hundreds of Bald eagles during the winter months. There is a place called Eagle Ridge. You can park and watch them as they come in to roost for the evening in the protection of a canyon against the Casper winds. During the spring, I can watch six different eagle nests as the adults raise the young eaglets. Casper is a great place to live.

Where eagles dare

Where eagles dare

Wish I had a Bike

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoon

It’s tough selecting a motorcycle. One scoot does not do it all. You can have a great street bike but it makes a poor cruiser, trail bike, sport bike, or what ever. Over time, I have wished, no -lusted, to have a garage full of all sorts of motorcycles. For anyone who doesn’t have a motorcycle, they wish for any type of motorcycle.


Russian Hang Gliding

I was recently commissioned to create a new T-shirt design for our pilot friends in Russia. Here is a quote from the email…

My name is Nikolay Malkov and I help in organizing of hang gliding Russian Open this year. The competition will be held in famous russian flying site “Kurai”  from 6 to 28 of July, chief- Alexandr Volostnov. The place is really interesting and for russian pilots it is legendary. More about Kurai you can read in english here

…describing geografical names and features of the place: “Kurai’s pan” where the weather is cooking, “neck of the bootle” (very narrow gorge- the only way to the “Chuia flatland”, it’s almoust Mongolian steppe!). Giant cummulonimbus and high-quality brandy are features of Kurai too

If you go to the link, there are some amazing photographs of where these guys get to fly. Just beautiful. Anyway, here’s the t-shirt design I just completed.

Hang Glidimh cartoon by Harry Martin

Going Flying I Hope!

I’ve been away from my blog for too long as changes in work and family activities are just  keeping me away from the Big Cloud. But tomorrow, I go flying. The moon, sun, and earth have finally aligned just right, freeing me up to go flying during the Memorial Day Weekend. Here’s a cartoon I drew up in case the Wind Gods decide to keep me from flying. Here in Wyoming, the wind blows hard enough to blow cars and trucks off the road. Everyone has cracked windshields from wind blown rocks. Enjoy.

Backwards Launch

Tiff’s Bar

I recently attended Colorado Fly Week (June 30 – July 8)  to do some flying at Tiffany & Larry Smith’s place in Villa Grove, Colorado. It was a good time. The Smith’s have a LZ half the size of Colorado. It’s covered with flags and streamers revealing any wind direction. The weather changes every 15 minutes, so if you don’t like the weather, just wait and you’ll get what you are looking for. I decided to take my vintage 1979 Fledge 2A down to blow the cob webs off of it and get some good air time. The ride up to launch is horror as the road is barely wide enough for the typical narrow “rat truck” with reinforced roof rack and pilots hanging off the sides. The trees and shrubs would shear off a pilot or two if you weren’t paying attention. Larry constructed the road to reduce erosion but it will destroy poorly designed roof racks.

Harry Martin's 1979 Fledge 2A

Anyway, it was good flying, great food, and entertainment. One of the highlights was Tiff’s Bar, a fun place to sit and wash away your fears, woes, or brag about your flying adventures at the end of the day. I’ve never seen so many pilots sit around and trade so many great stories. Pilots from all over the U.S. showed up for this event and I wish I had the time to talk to all of them. I was unable to stay the whole time, but the few days I was there was time well spent. I had my sketch pad with me, so I drew this cartoon on the spot. I hope to be there again next year.

Tiff's Bar by Harry Martin

Body parts

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoon by Harry Martin

I’ve had editors decline to publish this cartoon. Some folks are just uncomfortable facing reality. We don’t mind the wrecked motorcycle, but we seem to mind the humor relating to wrecked riders. I’m sure we’ve all heard or joked about “donor-cycle”. The reality is dead people can help living people live longer. Eyes and kidneys can greatly enhance a young person’s life. I have marked on my drivers license that I am a donor. It doesn’t cost anything and it just might lighten your day.

April is National Donate Life Month

Please visit Donate Life and register, or register at your local DMV.

A drone’s work

I started this cartoon in June of 2007. I miss working on it, so I’ve decided to continue this cartoon strip and post them here as well. I like bees. They remind me of family and how they work for the good of all.

A Drones Work - Honey Stump Bee Cartoons by Harry Martin

Please enjoy Honey Stump as I post them here on my cartoon blog.

Area 51

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoons - Area 51 by Harry Martin I’ve ridden my motorcycle through Area 51. I never saw any UFOs, but, I suppose there’s a first time for everything. I hope aliens ride motorcycles when I get abducted. I’d like to see what they ride on their planet.

Sailing through traffic

Sailing Through Traffic - Cartoon by Harry Martin

Some day, I’d like to have a wind powered car. I can see myself sailing through traffic. When gas prices get high enough, this might become a viable and affordable option if you live in a windy location like myself.




Very wide load

Very Wide Load - Endless Slab Cartoon by Harry Martin

In Wyoming, and other locations I’m sure, you might see something like this cruising down the road. We have very wide loads heading in and out of town. Sometimes you see a house, wind generator, or maybe even an oil rig. You never know what you’ll see on any given day.


Hang check

Hang check

Hang glider pilots routinely check their gear for damage, fit, and comfort. One way to do this is to hang your harness in a location were you can test it well before you actually use it. I once tested my harness for over an hour, looking for uncomfortable pressure points. Apartment managers don’t like it when you bore holes into walls and ceilings.


Various Motorcycle Tool Kits

Various Motorcycle Tool kits - Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoons by Harry Martin

Trying out this new format as a result of my recent web page disaster. My last setup was multi-site, however, I have found it to be too much work. I think I’d like to try something different. Due to my sporadic schedule, and infrequent posts, this may be easier for me. We’ll see. I’m posting my latest Road Rash Motorcycle cartoon. I’ll post it again here to pick up where I left off, err, broke my website.

As you can see, Kawasaki Concours riders are considered to be quite frugal and thrifty motorcycle owners. Everyone else has a fat wallet.