Wish I had a Bike

Road Rash Motorcycle Cartoon

It’s tough selecting a motorcycle. One scoot does not do it all. You can have a great street bike but it makes a poor cruiser, trail bike, sport bike, or what ever. Over time, I have wished, no -lusted, to have a garage full of all sorts of motorcycles. For anyone who doesn’t have a motorcycle, they wish for any type of motorcycle.


Russian Hang Gliding

I was recently commissioned to create a new T-shirt design for our pilot friends in Russia. Here is a quote from the email…

My name is Nikolay Malkov and I help in organizing of hang gliding Russian Open this year. The competition will be held in famous russian flying site “Kurai”  from 6 to 28 of July, chief- Alexandr Volostnov. The place is really interesting and for russian pilots it is legendary. More about Kurai you can read in english here http://www.leagull.com/search/label/Kurai

…describing geografical names and features of the place: “Kurai’s pan” where the weather is cooking, “neck of the bootle” (very narrow gorge- the only way to the “Chuia flatland”, it’s almoust Mongolian steppe!). Giant cummulonimbus and high-quality brandy are features of Kurai too

If you go to the link, there are some amazing photographs of where these guys get to fly. Just beautiful. Anyway, here’s the t-shirt design I just completed.

Hang Glidimh cartoon by Harry Martin

Going Flying I Hope!

I’ve been away from my blog for too long as changes in work and family activities are just  keeping me away from the Big Cloud. But tomorrow, I go flying. The moon, sun, and earth have finally aligned just right, freeing me up to go flying during the Memorial Day Weekend. Here’s a cartoon I drew up in case the Wind Gods decide to keep me from flying. Here in Wyoming, the wind blows hard enough to blow cars and trucks off the road. Everyone has cracked windshields from wind blown rocks. Enjoy.

Backwards Launch